The dollar increased when supported by concerns about trade; Pound reducer

The dollar rose higher than the currency basket on Wednesday, when concerned about trade tensions supported Green bronze as the safe asset.

Index, measure the strength of green silver bronze with the basket of 6 currencies, up 0.1% to 95.15 at 03:30AM ET (0830GMT).

Investors are still very attentive to the trade tensions between the US and China with fears that escalation will be the immediate risk.

China has proposed the WTO to agree on the application of punishment to the United States due to non-compliance with a ruling on anti-semidemolition.

This action came after Trump's announcement on Friday that would probably impose tax on 267 billion Chinese supplemental goods.

The Australian dollar, considered as the indicator for global growth due to trade relations with China, the AUD/USD rate fell 0.1% to 07110, not far from the lowest 2 and a half years at 0.7094 achieving Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the green bronze coin fell against the Canadian dollar after having a source of information for that Canada is willing to concessions the United States to resolve the content relating to NAFTA.

2 news sources from Canada with the direct understanding of the Ottawa negotiation strategy said that last night Ottawa was ready for the U.S. to have limited access to the dairy market, this is considered as a concession by Canada.

The dairy industry is protected in Canada and is also the main hotspot in the NAFTA negotiation between the two countries. The Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland returned to Washington on Tuesday to continue negotiations with the deadline of 1/10.

The British pound fell 0.2% to 1.3010 after BBC Noi was informed that a group of about 50 other major government of Mrs. Theresa May had gathered meetings and discussions in how and how ever they could force her to quit her current job.

The Euro fell against the dollar with a EUR/USD discount of 0.15% and 1.1587.

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