The emerging countries in Asia are subject to reduced pressure

The currency of Asian countries-from India to the Philippines-under pressure decreases the third day when the dollar rises.

USD index-US dollar indices, index of dollar strength measurements versus currency basket, up 0.03% to 95.13 at 11:30PM ET (0330GMT). The dollar fell overnight compared to the Euro and the table in hopes of returning to a BREXIT has agreed over the last few weeks.

The yen fell against the dollar at USD/JPY up 0.29% to 111.44. Although President Trump has made plans for taxed to 267 billion additional Chinese goods and has not yet had the answer from the Chinese side, the concern about commercial warfare remains and the investor can return to the yen at least risk.

Indian rupees continue to decline in Asia, hitting a new low compared to the dollar when the dollar rises. Rupees lost about 12% this year. The USD/INR rate is reduced by 0.14% and 72,485, lower level is reduced.

The Philippine Peso also fell against the dollar and fell by more than 6% this year. USD/PHP rates dropped 0.03% and 53,891 on Tuesday morning. Franklin Templeton Investment predicting the Peso will decline to 55 by being pressured by rising oil prices and the central bank is hesitant to take action. The Peso touches the lowest level 13 years on Friday.

The Indonesian Rupiah has dropped by about 13% over the dollar over the past year, which has now increased significantly, about 0.01% to 14.846 versus the USD.

Chinese yuan increase. The USD/CNY rate rose 0.15% to 6.8650. The Chinese central bank and other agencies have made steps to support coins. In March 8, China's foreign exchange trading system reintroduced the reverse factor cycle in the way of determining the yuan dollar value after the Chinese yuan fell 5% in 2 months.

The Chinese central Bank fixed the reference exchange on Tuesday at 6.8488 against the dollar on Tuesday, compared to the 6.8389 on Monday. The reference exchange rate is the point where the Chinese yuan is traded around this point.

The Australian dollar rises at a rate of AUD/USD up 0.07% to 0712.

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