The US dollar is stable when the investor waits for the Fed's decision

The USD is kept at a steady rate compared to the basket of other currencies in the session today when the investor waits to conclude the Fed's policy meeting today, almost certainly will increase the interest rate next time.

The US dollar index measures the strength of the dollar compared to the six major currency basket, which is virtually unchanged, at 93.75 at 04:18 AM ET (08:19 GMT).

The US central bank is expected to increase the interest rate by one-quarter percentage points to 2.25% for the third rate increase this year.

With the increase in interest rates were almost certainly forecast and investors also expected an additional interest rate increase during the 12th month, the interest in the market would be shifted to the Fed's plans for monetary policy orientation in 2019.

The indices that the Fed is seeking to maintain next year will likely strengthen the dollar, while the hints that it can slow down the rate of rising rates or to the end of the tightening cycle in the coming year can cause the dollar to decline.

Market psychology continued to decline after U.S. President Donald Trump appeared at the United Nations General Assembly, where he maintained a tough trade policy on saying that the country he would "no longer endure".

The dollar fell slightly from the yen, the USD/JPY rate fell 0.13% to 112.82.

The EUR is passing, EUR/USD at 1.1767, while the British pound fell lower, the GBP/USD dropped 0.14% and 1.3159.

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