Key places to visit Luxembourg in 1-day tour

Luxembourg is one of the most livable European tourist destinations in the world with beauty both ancient and modern and a major economic center.

Luxembourg City belongs to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - a small country located in the continent of Western Europe, bordering Belgium, France and Germany. Luxembourg attracts tourists from near and far by the ancient beauty combined with the modern vitality of the city people. Here are the famous destinations of the city that you should visit:

Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame)

Built in the 17th century and is the largest Roman Catholic church of Luxembourg City. It is not only a religious center but also a favorite destination in Europe. The church architecture still retains its pristine beauty. Inside the church, you will find beautiful stained glass, with unique Gothic architecture. The church is sure to please those who love the art and the pilgrimage news.

Fortress Bock Casemates

Fortress with corridors built from stone, Bock Casemates is among the top historical destinations of the city. Inside the tunnels is where thousands of soldiers have sought refuge.
At this attraction, you will also find bakeries, studios and candy and fruit vendors.
You can sit or drink water or wander the streets and visit old buildings. There, you will find with impressive views.


Cocktail is one of the drinks you should try in Luxembourg. However, they are quite expensive, you need to look carefully at the affordable bars to enjoy. Suggested for you is a cocktail bar called Octans that serves cocktails for about 400,000 a glass.

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