The beauty of Latvian tourism waiting for visitors to discover

If you do not have any connection with Latvia, you probably will not think this place will be a potential destination for your upcoming trip. But the Baltic nation has more than a few hidden surprises between lush pine forests and unique architectural cities and towns. Here are ten reasons to add Latvian travel to your to-do list.

Old Riga
It has lost its "walls" and is not a "cutesy town" as elsewhere across Europe, but the old town in the capital of Latvia, Rīga, still has a series of buildings. history, oversized churches and paved roads. Best of all are the sunny squares filled with beer with beer gardens and street cafes, in the summer thrash with the immersion of locals and tourists. In the winter, Old Ryga makes a strong impression on a scene in Christmas cards - suitable for the first Christmas tree

Nouveau art architecture
nouveau art
nouveau art

For fans of this theatrical style of architecture and design, there is simply no better destination than Rīga. The city's architects were completely drawn to this trend as it swept across Europe in the early 20th century and, despite wartime destruction, more than 750 new art buildings remain. Take a look up as you wander the streets and you'll see lots of facades decorated with whirling motives, topless goddesses and legendary monsters typical of style. If you want to dig deeper, visit the serviced apartment, like the Níu Ríga Art Museum. For art furniture and fabrics, visit the Museum of Decorative Art and Design.

Beautiful beaches

Beautiful beach in Latvia

The first people to visit the Baltic were often surprised by how beautiful the beaches were. Admittedly, it doesn't have the right climate, but in the summer, endless golden sands are a great place for children to relax and play. Jūrmala, just 20 km from the capital, is Latvia's most splendid beach town, filled with large wooden lodges and large spa hotels. For a more comfortable feel, when traveling to Latvia, try Ventspils in the northeast.
The old castle
castle in Latvia
castle in Latvia

When German warrior monks pushed into the Baltic at the beginning of the 13th century, they instilled in the local people the Christian faith with the light of their swords, they were certainly welcome. warm. Strong fortresses were a necessary precaution and castles began to emerge everywhere, many of which are still standing today. Latvian tourists arriving at Cēsis Castle will be given a candle light to explore the darker gaps of its craggy walls. Livonian Ordery Castle in Ventspils has been restored and turned into a wonderful interactive museum.

The fairy forest

If you want to get close to the heart of Latvia, take a walk through the forest. Forests cover about 45% of the country and shelter a diverse range of creatures, including a significant number of wild cats, beavers and birds of prey. The best places to walk on tree trails are in Ķemeri National Park, a vast forest and wetlands near Jūrmala, Gauja National Park, northeast of Riga. From Sigulda, the gateway to Gauja, tiny roads run between the ruins of three castles located along the Gauja River.
Beautiful towns
Old town of Riga
Old town of Riga

Riga often tends to shine the limelight at night, but many wiser travelers should consider looking for some quiet Latvian centers. Many people's favorites include the rather small Cēsis, hidden in the forested areas of Gauja National Park, and focused on a large church, ruined castles and scenic lakes. Farther west, Kuld vớiga boasts the widest waterfall in Europe (249m) - but at an altitude of only two meters, a stunning view is even more stunning. The best views belong to Kuldiga Castle, which has been transformed into a green park and sculpture garden.

Mark Rothko Arts Center

You may know he's one of America's most respected artists and one of the world's leading pioneers of abstract expressionism, but Mark Rothko (1903-1970) was born in Daugavpils in the southeast of Latvia. In 2013, his hometown was recognized as the most famous brainchild with the launch of Mark Rothko Art Center ( Dedicated to art, culture and education, the center is located in the building of a fortress built by Russia. The Rothko family hangs some of his famous original works alongside an ever-expanding collection of contemporary Latvian art.

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