Top 3 city to visit in England

City of Liverpool

Not only famous for being home to the famous Liverpool team, Liverpool city is also known for the biggest ports in the UK, and is a bustling cultural and tourism center.
Located on the banks of the romantic Mersey river, the city of Liverpool will take visitors lost in lyrical space, immersed in the wonderful music of the legendary band The Beatles Story at Albert Harbor. Moreover, you can admire the beauty of ancient European-style buildings, discover unique culture through the historical museums here.

The city of Liverpool hides the beauty of old European architecture in addition to the rich culture known by many people.
The city of Nottingham
Still featuring the gentle beauty of England, Nottingham city attracts visitors by the romantic and intimate scenery of the nature here. If you have the opportunity to visit the city of Nottingham, you can choose the spring and autumn to fully enjoy the beauty of the natural scenery here. If you want to try skiing, winter is a great choice. Nottingham is one of the top 10 most beautiful places to ski in the winter when traveling Europe.
Some suggestions for tourist attractions in Nottingham: Wollaton Park - Wollaton Park, take a walk at Old Market Square and watch movies at Corner House, ...

Nottingham city is the most suitable destination for those who love nature and want to immerse themselves in plants, flowers
City of Cambridge
The beauty of the city of Cambridge exudes from the mystery of the ancient buildings with lovely arches, interspersed with lovely small alleys. Speaking of Cambridge, people immediately think of the world famous universities and the huge number of international students. It offers a learning environment with extremely modern equipment and the most professional teaching staff.
Especially you will be extremely surprised when the most popular means of the people here is the bicycle. Not only attractive by the natural scenery, airy space, the city of Cambridge also attracts visitors by the hospitality and fondness of the indigenous people.

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