08/10: What to read before trading hours?

08/10: What to read before trading hours?

Cash flow back to medium capitalization real estate Group, market Authority 08/10/2019: Net sales of 17 consecutive sessions, buying and selling of stocks: how many purchases come in, what risk would cause the global economy to be in danger?, select which stocks for Oct?, in front of negotiations with the U.S., China considers themselves at "top doors"?, DIG (HM: Dig): The previous quarterly tax profit 3 estimated at nearly 217 billion, turnover of quarter 4 is expected to be over 1.200 billion , Petroleum Enterprises "attacking" retail market: The cake is not easy to eat, Vietnam Securities: Expectation and challenge, "Lose suction" transaction fund investment, get rid of stagnant procedures... are notable news.

* Flow of money back to the newly-invested real estate group. In the first week of October 10, the group of real estate capitalisation has been the cash flow with utmost favor. >>>

* Probate Market 08/10/2019: NET semi-blocks 17 consecutive sessions. The right market in the 07/10/2019 trading session has a rather negative performance when only 2 code increases and 17 discount codes, 1 code stand. The foreign block continues to sell the net and the transaction value has increased again compared to the previous session. >>>

* Leadership buying and selling stocks: many purchases entered. In the first week of March 10 (30/09-04/10), the market recorded many transactions on the way of buying millions to tens of millions of stocks. As the case in Thanh Thanh Success JSC (HOSE: SBT), Green Land Group JSC (Hose: DXG) and Sao Mai Group JSC (HOSE: ASM). >>>

* What risks will cause the global economy to be in danger? Over 10 years have passed since the debt crisis under standard (subprime) in the US forced the world's banks to stop lending each other in the context of increasing fear of quality "not so well known" by the balance sheet. >>>

* Choose which stocks are for month 10?. BSR is recommended by the Securities Company (CTCK) with attractive pricing, MBB (HM: MBB) in line with the average long-term goal, TPB with many factors of increasing price impact. >>>

* In front of negotiations with the U.S., China considers himself at "top door"?. The Chinese officials are transmitting the signal of not wanting to go to a comprehensive trade agreement with America as desired by President Donald Trump. Such signals were made before the meeting between the two-country senior officials of this week-the negotiation round was expected to lead to a strike agreement. >>>

* DIG: Profit before tax quarter 3 estimated at 217 billion, turnover of quarter 4 is expected to be over 1.200 billion. General Construction Investment Development JSC (DIC Corp., HOSE: DIG) has held the board meeting (day 24/9/2019) through the results of business (manufacturing) of quarter 3/2019 and expected turnover in the 4/2019 quarter. >>>

* Petroleum Enterprises "attacking" retail market: The cake is not easy to eat. Many enterprises (DN) large-edge gasoline, including Petrolimex (HM: PLX) and PV Oil, claim to be ready to compete in the retail sector with the largest retailers in the present. The total amount invested by petroleum dealers poured into the race up to trillions of copper. >>>

* Vietnam Securities: Expectations and challenges. The stock market (TTCK) of Vietnam is projected to be more positive in the context of macroeconomic stability in the country. However, the TTCK is still faced with the difficulties and challenges of global volatility. >>>

* "Lost suction" trading funds investment. Last week (28/09-04/10/2019), the bustling trading air of investment funds was completely off, when only the DFJ Vinacapital Venture announced a successful lifting of ownership at YEG (HM: YEG) to 9.74%. >>>

* Exits stagnant procedures. The youth newspaper has repeatedly reflected on land stagnation procedures to make hundreds of housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City. (HM: HCM) clothe jam. Ho. HCM is focusing on disassembly to avoid negative impact on the budget revenues. >>>


* Ministry of TRANSPORT agrees Vinpearl Air raising the scale of aircraft to 30 aircraft in 2025

* Do not report the transaction results, the internal shareholders of TB8 are penalized

* Securities derivative 08/10/2019: Continue to hold the Short position?

* Angle of view 08/10: maintains the stock density at 30-35%?

* IDJ: Chairman and wife registered to sell clean stocks

* SDP is fined 50 million due to delayed information disclosure

* Major shareholder fluctuations at IN4

* HBC (HM: HBC): A South Korean fund becoming a major shareholder

* VCS (HN: VCS) estimated VND 350 billion in quarter 3/2019

* LMI is sanctioned for administrative violations of the bill

* Petroland: No official information on the president's service arrested


* Withdrawal 17,000 billion bad debt, East Asia Bank has special control exit?

* HSBC charged 10,000 employees to save costs

* Coordination of credit dispute resolution

* Gold price Today 7.10: Breaking the resistance, expectations rise sharply this week

* Center rate and "calm" USD price

* 9 months of the year, Sacombank (HM: STB) gains VND 2.491 billion


* Singapore investment flows sharply into HCMC

Ho. The proposal required to send ETC and deposit funds into a prepaid account

* To the ever Hanoi-New Quang Ninh Railway project to the finish line?

* Enterprises Scratching "lighting" the Night economy

* General Viet Nam recommended for women retirement at age 58

* Land withdrawal of 17 agencies and enterprises to build Long Thanh Airport

* The steel sector avoids the "sight" of commercial defense from the countries

* North-South Expressway project: Need to review the bidding criteria

* Expanding ha Long: "Stork" land "blowing" price, government play warning speaker

* Risk of fraud from the "sandwiched" middle-America



* Chinese currency reserves sharply dropped in September

* The Japanese government reviews the economy is "deteriorating"

* Chinese rushing buy pasta pack

* Bitcoin Price Ramps downhill 8,000 USD

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