After Alibaba, the resource kit requires transparency of the project information

After Alibaba, the resource kit requires transparency of the project information

The Ministry of Resources and Environment has been posted by the provincial People's Committee of Provinces and cities under the inspection and handling of improper land use rights specified in the wrong housing projects, not allowed.

Many people because of the lack of information brought money to the company Alibaba to buy land on the "Ma project".

According to this agency, the last time there are many investor status for selling the estate in the housing projects are not allowed by competent State agencies or projects that have not yet been delivered by the state and land leasing , transfer of land use purpose or projects that are not eligible to transfer land use rights, sell houses...

It is worth saying, despite not thoroughly understanding the legal of the project but there are many who have purchased or submitted a deposit to receive the transfer of the House, land at the project not allowed, the wrong permission.

The ministry said that the sale on violation of the provisions of the land, pose a risk to the buyer, adversely impact the real estate market, causing the security effect of the order.

In order to prevent and strictly handle the state mentioned above, the Ministry of Resources and Environment recommends the provincial People's Committee to steer and implement certain content such as:

Public planning, land use plan; Public information The housing projects have been approved in the area at the COMMITTEE of the district, the commune and in the land implementing the project and on mass media so that all organizations and individuals easily grasp the information Ensure publicity and transparency.

Public housing projects have been approved but have violated the land, which is not eligible for transfer.

The local authorities and governments strengthen the examination and scrutinize to timely detect and promptly process the violations mentioned above. Where there are fraudulent signs that need to promptly notify the Legal Protection Agency for regulatory processing.

Together with the strengthening of propaganda, popular for organizations and individuals to know, strictly implement the regulations on the implementation of investment projects, trading and buying and selling of land in accordance with the law.

The department also requires the Department of Resources and Environmental counsel for the provincial People's committee to steer the contents on and synthesize, report on the situation, results of performance on the Department of Resources and Environment through the General Department of Land Management to synthesize before 15/12.

The last time a number of real estate business cases have occurred "draw" the project, then sell the illegal gains. Typically the case at the Alibaba Real estate company is hosted by Nguyen Thai Training.

The Public Security Agency identified, Nguyen Thai training and some people have organized the "Alibaba Real Estate Corporation" in the form of the business of multi-level, buy farmland and manually draw out projects "Ma" to scam customers to pay money in. Existing authorities have prosecuted the case and proceeded to arrest a number of concerned individuals.

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