Asian stock market decreases in the context of increased trade tensions

The Asian stock market fell during the trading session this morning, as tensions between China and the United States seemed to escalate this week after Washington imposed a visa ban on Chinese officials concerning the mass detention Muslims of Xinjiang province.

China's Shanghai Composite and Shenzhen Component indices fell 0.1% and 0.3% to 10:40 PM ET (02:40 GMT) respectively. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index is reduced by 0.5%.

Bloomberg reported earlier in the day that the United States is considering restricting investment in the U.S. government's pensions in China, further enhancing tensions between the two parties.

Investors and analysts have previously hoped that the United States and China could achieve progress in trade negotiations as senior officials met this weekend in Washington.

But the positive hopes on were overshadowed at the beginning of this week the United States decided to put Chinese technology companies into blacklisted.

In Japan, the Nikkei 225 is reduced by 0.7%. Sony became in focus after the company said the next Generation game console was very expected of them, the PlayStation 5, which would be sold properly the holiday season of 2020.

This news does not support the shares of this increased price. Sony stocks last traded at 6,186 JPY, fell 0.3%.

Korea's KOSPI index closed the holiday.

On the South, Australian ASX Index 200 trades lower than 0.7%.

In the United States, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell said that the central bank would have the nuances to support the currency market. His comments were largely overshadowed by news surrounding the issue of medium-American trade and had little impact on the stock market.

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