CTCK releases more CW to create better market

CTCK releases more CW to create better market

In parallel with the release and listing of the new secured security codes (Covered Warrant-CW) on the market, many CTCK carry out additional release and listing with existing codes on the floor.

In the 9th month, much of the CW code of the first release launch of this product went to the maturity deadline. Many of the codes bring positive results to the investor. Such as CFPT1901, investors will be more than 11% interest if holding CW from IPO and implementing right. In the case of sale on the platform before the maturity date, the investor reaches almost 150% (the CW price at the last trading day is 4.700/CW, compared to the IPO price of 1.900/CW)

CW maturity with positive results. Multiple CTCK starts to launch CW for more new and richer base code such as VRE (HM: VRE), MSN (HM: MSN), REE (HM: REE), VIC (HM: VIC).

In addition to the new release, some of the CTCK has a choice: additional release for the CW circulating in the market.

The opening is HSC with the offering of more 4 million CW CMBB1902 for 3.000 VND/CW. This is also the release level adding the most "scale" among the units that implement the additional CW release.

Some time later, the CTCK such as SSI (HM: SSI), KIS and VND (HM: VND) also began releasing additions with the code CW on the floor.

KIS released the same quantity as 3 million with two code CVNM1901 and CHPG1902. The additional release price is quite low, 700 dong/cw for CVNM1901 and CHPG1902. The price of these CW has also been quite low compared to the initial release rate.

SSI released the supplement with two code CFPT1903 and CHPG 1905. Specifically, this unit released additional 1 million CW with CFPT1903 and 1 million CW for CHPG1905.

Also in the case of VND, additional release with CMWG1902. Release Price 8.000 dong/CW. The number of additional releases is 600.000, which is equivalent to 25% of the initial release.

The CW code is released in addition to the last time

Another notable point is that the additional release is carried out quite quickly. The releases are usually only performed in one day. Additionally, most releases have an additional release rate at 0%.

After the releases, the additional CW is listed on the HOSE.

To find out more deeply about this issue, the writer had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Duc Thong – the derivative director of CTCK SSI.

After a formal period of operation, how did you evaluate the security market (CW) in Vietnam Currently, what is the market success and what is the point to overcome?

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thong: According to me, after 3 months, the Covered Warrant Vietnam market has some success. This product has been well received by investors as well, as a nominee in the recent IPO release of some CTCK, the entire CW has been purchased in less than 1 hours. In addition, thanks to the underlying market with positive behavior, some codes are of great lyrics compared to IPO prices, which show the high leverage properties of this product. In addition to this, I think the liquidity of CW is also quite good, helping investors can buy/sell easily.

Almost full, there are several stock companies released and listed additions with some code CW. Follow you, why does CTCK choose this strategy? How do you choose the CW code to release an additional criterion?

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thong: As far as I think companies choose how to release the supplement may be because the demand for the right has a lot, however, CTCK sold out or still very little in the repository thus further release is a right strategy to help CTCk can create market efficiently. The additional release is simpler than the new release, one of the conditions is that the authority must be longer than 30 days new maturity.

He appreciated how the benefits of the release of the supplement stood in both the approach of CTCK and the investor.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Thong: I see this will help the market to create efficiently, avoid being the price. For investors, this also makes it possible for investors to buy the right with a more "reasonable" price and peace of mind with the right to not be given the price due to the limited volume of rights.

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