European securities dropped after China stopped NBA broadcast

The European stock exchange fell during the early trading session today after China strongly reacts to U.S. decisions about blacklisting including some of their tech companies, creating black shadows that last more than ever covering up Trade talks this week.

China's CCTV channel said they would stop projecting the National Basketball Association's matches after NBA Commissioner Adam Silver replied to interview in favor of comments on Twitter by general manager Houston Rockets , Daryl Morey, favoured pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

"Is an organization based on the values that I want to clarify... That Daryl Morey is supportive of his ability to exercise freedom of speech, "says Silver to Kyodo News in Japan.

"Na Media Group's CCTV sports channel stopped broadcasting NBA matches and expressed dissatisfaction, strongly opposed to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver following a comment on #HongKong," People's Daily posted on Tweeter for reply.

Tencent Holdings (HK: 0700), the NBA's largest foreign partner, said they would stop streaming the matches after Morey's comment on Twitter. Tencent signed an estimated five-year contract worth 1.5 billion with the NBA early this year.

This occurred only two days before the highest trade representatives were due to negotiations continuing to settle commercial disputes between the two countries.

However, the latest movement indicates that the settlement of commercial disputes is becoming complicated by other conflicts derived from politics and perspectives on the world.

Although not directly related, China's actions took place several hours after the United States banned their companies from doing business with 28 Chinese tech firms due to their role in facilitating human rights violations in Xinjiang province of western China.

"The United States Government and the Ministry of Commerce cannot and will not forgive the brutal suppression of ethnic minorities in Chinese territories," Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in a statement segregated with concerns about an imbalance Trade. This action will ensure that our technologies, which are promoted in the environment of personal freedom and the freedom of the business, are not allowed to use to suppress ethnic minorities with no defense.

The European economy has proved them to be more vulnerable than opponents than the predictions of investors this year. While the Chinese and US economies had slowed down, the Euro area was falling into the first recession – a 0.3% increase in German industrial production in August 8, reported this morning, which was also hard to prevent degradation.

Hoping for trade negotiations can create breakthroughs this week, the European market has lost one of their important short-term support. The Stoxx 600 Index fell 0.3% at 5 AM ET (0900 GMT) on the 381.66 level, which dropped about half of the increase in the second. The German DAX index trade was reduced by 0.4% while the FTSE 100 rose 0.1% by the British pound.

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