KBSV adds VND 200 billion for the preferred loan package KB Super Dream

KBSV adds VND 200 billion for the preferred loan package KB Super Dream

Launched in May 3/2019, the "KB Super Dream" product of KB Securities Vietnam (KBSV) with the most attractive deals the market has attracted the interest of the customers. With the desire to optimise the benefits for investors and customers, KBSV continues to replenish the preferred funding for the KB Super Dream product up to VND 200 billion.

After the success of the products with a large preferential rate of margin interest, the recontinuation of the KB Super Dream product again shows the steps of KBSV to implement the commitment to bring maximum and practical support to customers. In addition, KBSV has also launched Derivative securities trading system with attractive incentives for full transaction fees up to 31/12/2019.

Thanks to abundant funding, network, customer training and business operations experience inherited from the KB Financial Group (KBFG) and KB Securities Corporation Korea, KBSV is confident in the potential and experience to be able to bring to investors the utilities , the new product has a distinct appeal. At the same time, KBSV is committed to continuously strive to create a convenient and professional investment environment to provide full support, maximum benefits for customers and investors, contributing to the development of Vietnam's economy.


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