Metro No. 1 must stop construction

Metro No. 1 must stop construction

If the approval procedure is not performed in month 11, payment delays for contractors will result in the risk of stopping the progress of metro line 1 in HCMC. HCM (HM: HCM).

Metro line 1 The risk must be discontinued due to delays through the procedure of adjusting the total investment. Photo: Pham Huu

Accordingly, in accordance with the instructions of the MPI, the CITY People's Committee, the Management Board of Urban Railways (the investor) and the relevant agencies and units have completed an evaluation of the entire project implementation situation; Completion of the internal appraisal of the adjustment, including the appraisal of capital balance capability and submitted to the MPI, the Ministry of Finance has considered the comments.

Pursuant to the appraisal plan, approved for adjustment of 2 projects, the deadline for completion of the dossier is expected to end before 21.10 to ensure timely time of the TP board in the year-end session. However, the CITY has not yet received the opinion of capital appraisal and the ability to balance the capital from 2 sets.

HO CHI MINH CITY PEOPLE'S COMMITTEE HCM evaluation If the progress of the implementation of the evaluation procedure, approval adjustment for 2 projects that continue to extend, delay, will arise many consequences, focal effect to diplomatic relations between VN and foreign countries funding the project Project. In particular, influencing the next funding ability for general investment projects and urban rail projects in particular in the future.

Besides, domestic and foreign commentary will have identified, not good reviews role in the management of the implementation of foreign loan projects in the field of urban railways.

Notably, according to the CITY People's Committee. HCM, metro Line 1 has now reached 67% of overall volume and is at the stage of focusing all the resources to ensure the progress of completion of the work put into the quarter 4/2021. If the approved procedure of adjustment does not timely be completed in Nov, the payment delays to contractors inevitably lead to the risk of stopping, dilation of construction progress, even resulting in disputes and litigation with foreign contractors.

Similarly, Metro Line 2 is at the bidding stage of selecting construction contractors in parallel with the process of adjusting the project. If it is not adopted to adjust the total investment in the 11th month, the plan of bidding, disbursement of donor loan agreements will not promptly carry out before the deadline in January 12.2020, resulting in the risk of expiration of the loan agreement , the project loses funding and stalled.

"With the request for the above, the HCMC PEOPLE's HCM Petitions Minister of the Ministry of SCIENCE and Special interest, arranged to host a meeting with Comrade Minister of Finance, Comrade chairman of the CITY People's Committee. With representatives of relevant agencies in time from 7-11.10 To listen, exchange, promptly remove difficulties and concerns in the evaluation of capital and the ability to balance adjustment of 2 projects "-written by the chairman of the People's Committee Nguyen Thanh is a signed, petition.

Before, in the program submitting the MPI, the Ministry of Finance for the appraisal of capital and balance of adjustment of capital for the construction project of the No. 1 Urban railway, information TP City Project Metro No. 1 will put into extraction from quarter 4/2021, instead of exploitation in 2020 according to the program No. 481 process of politics please advocate to adjust the total investment. As such, this new destination is still not sure possible due to the project appraisal progress so far continue to risk not reaching as expected.

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