Samsung stocks increase despite profitable operations in quarter 3 drops

The shares of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd (KS: 005930), a large proportion of stocks in the index of the Korean market, traded for the third point in Asia, even after the company said the profit in the third quarter fell more than 50% compared to With a year ago.

The active profit in the third quarter is expected to reach 7.7 trillion Won (US $6.43 billion), down 56.17% compared to a year ago, the company announced on Tuesday.

The number is higher than that of the analysts of the 7.1 trillion Won.

The company said the unified turnover in three months was the 62 trillion Won, which decreased by about 5.3% compared to a year ago.

Sanjeev Rana, a senior analyst at CLSA, told CNBC in an interview that the orientation in the third quarter of Samsung "was largely motivated by the better-expected memory chip shipment".

"In general, the demand for DRAM and NAND seems to be much better than what the market expects... It seems things are improving, "Rana said and added that CLSA believes that year 2020 will be a favorable year in terms of income for Samsung.

Samsung stocks rose 1.3% at 11:30 PM ET (03:30 GMT).

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