The vague story of buying and selling and declaring bankruptcy

The vague story of buying and selling and declaring bankruptcy

The service of investment and construction JSC No. 8 (company 8) carries hundreds of red windows of the people who go to the mortgage is continuing to reveal the extraordinary. The company has sold 123 raw houses to the black real estate CO., LTD. Then, the black company sells back to the people, collecting money for company 8 and immediately applying for bankruptcy.

According to the case record, company 8 is assigned by TP. Can Tho project of Hung Phu New urban area (Lot 49, Hung Thanh Ward, Cai Rang district), and conducted construction of 123 raw houses. In 2009, company 8 signed a whole contract for sale 123 This House to the black company total contract value over 60 billion dong. Then, the black company in turn sells the above houses to customers (people) with a difference in the value of several tens of millions of VND/house.

People when buying a home, depending on the condition, will pay in the form of capital contribution, from 50% of the contract value. In the period 2013-2015, most people paid 95% of the contract. When the people are preparing to pay the remaining 5% to make black and red windows, this company suddenly procedures... Bankruptcy?

Ms. Le thi my ha (buy home at Street 29 of the project) said, 2010 has bought the raw house with a value of nearly 600 million, then give extra money to build a total value of more than 1 billion VND. "After repeatedly demanding, last 9 months, I received the Red window, which, in turn," has cleared the mortgage since 2013 "-sister Ha said.

According to the Learn, there are 18 apartments in the project has been granted red windows for company 8. The company did not do the "name" for the black company to bring this company back to the people, which carries the mortgage at the bank. To date, 10 red windows have been removed for the people. Strangely, these red windows all reflected the "mortgage was removed from 2013", but must be in the last 9.2019 months, the new people receive the Red notebook.

Mr. Tran Thanh Long (There is no. 4 Street housing) for or, the red windows when taken from the company 8 named, people want to go to the procedure to name, but not by company 8 always seek to "Dodge". The company asks the people to contact the seller as the black company, while it is applying for bankruptcy. In addition to 18 households, the remaining 105 households are unlicensed. Over the past 10 years, people petition and petition to send everywhere, but still no red windows.

Must ensure the benefits of the people

Mr. Huynh Van History-director of the Department of Resource and Environment (TNMT) TP. Can tho says: After signing a house purchase contract, company 8 has VAT invoice and the black and the company paid 95% of the contract value. People who buy houses have paid enough money and live steady. They want to do the red windows. However, from May 9.2015, TAND HCMC has decided to open bankruptcy procedures for the black ether company, so it cannot perform any legal proceedings. Recently, the Department of TNMT has documents sent TAND HCMC to have feedback on the work, to have the red-level basis for the people.

A source of information from police Economic Police (PC46) TP. Can Tho said: "Through the meetings, the city has pressured the black company, forcing the firm to settle the remaining procedures to ensure the rights of the people".

According to this news, TAND HCMC has not been declared bankruptcy by the black company. If the case is not possible to invoice the bill (for the apartments sold to the population), unable to carry out legal proceedings, or uncooperative, can tho CITY will force 8 to cancel the contract of sale 123 the raw house with the black company. Then, company 8 will move to the new contract, to sell the house to the population, then perform the procedure to name, transfer of red window.


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