Travel to England in the most beautiful season: Spring and Summer?

For those who want to travel to the UK for the first time, surely one of the first questions that you will be wondering is the season to tour the UK? The UK is famous for its modern cities that blend the classic of ancient architecture. There are 4 distinct seasons, each with its own characteristics of the climate and landscape, whichever season to choose will depend on your preference. Choosing a good time to travel to the UK will make your trip perfect. Let's Travel Vietnam to find out in which season British Tourism is the most beautiful offline!

1. Overview of the UK's climate

England has a distinct 4-season climate
England has a distinct 4-season climate

Climate in the UK also has similar points to Vietnam, it is divided into 3 climatic regions. The weather here is quite erratic, not following any rules. Each region has its own unique climate characteristics. The weather is colder in the north and warmer in the south. However, the difference between the seasons in the UK is not very clear, as in Vietnam there are 2 rainy and dry seasons, but each year in the UK is divided into 4 seasons. Sometimes, maybe in London with bright yellow sunshine, weather and beauty, in Liverpool, there are strong winds, rain and quite cold. Therefore, depending on your destination in the British tour, you choose for yourself a suitable time.

2. Spring (March - May)

The lowest average temperature - the highest: 9.3 degrees C - 15.4 degrees C
Average daytime hours are around: 11-15 hours
Average monthly rainfall is about: 60 mm

England in the spring
England in the spring

Spring is the best climate for you to make your British tour. Spring in England lasts from March to May. This is the time when there are usually sudden showers, but also the time when young trees sprout, plants grow very well. The weather during this period began to warm up, melting ice. A characteristic of spring in England is narcissus. In the spring, daffodils bloom, showing brilliant yellow. This flower is widely cultivated in St Jame’s Park. So you can not miss this place when coming to England in the spring.

Spring is a very beautiful season of the country so many tourists choose this time to travel to England. The gentle sunshine, the cold wind will make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You will enjoy the fresh air and play games such as climbing, cycling, boating, enjoying the warm first-season sunshine on Brighton beach or taking a walk in the Museum Gardens. It would be great if you came to England in the spring. However, because the evening here is still a bit chilly, please bring 1-2 thin jackets.

3. Summer (June - August)

The lowest average temperature - the highest: 18.1 degrees C - 20.6 degrees C
Average daytime daytime lowest - highest: 16 hours - 16 hours 30 minutes
Average monthly precipitation is about: 61 mm

Summer England
Summer England

Summer in the UK lasts from June to August, the highest temperature up to 30 degrees C. Summer in the UK is considered the most pleasant time of the year, the temperature is not too high, it is sunny beautiful, light breeze, not strong sunlight like in Vietnam. Summer weather in the UK is often hot and there are pouring rains. The number of sunny days depends on different times and locations in the UK. Sudden rainy summer, unannounced arrival made many tourists very uncomfortable. However, after every rain is a fresh atmosphere, the breeze with the new sunshine will be a favorable condition for you to enjoy your British trip. Because the weather is not too hot, you can go for a walk, sunbathe, camping, picnic, ...

If you choose to visit a port city like Liverpool, where there are sudden rains and strong winds, you should bring a thin jacket and an umbrella so that your trip will not be hindered. It is also the peak tourist season in the UK so service prices may be higher, you need to book in advance if you decide to travel to the UK at this time.
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