VN-Index can exceed 1.000 points thanks to a few stock stocks

VN-Index can exceed 1.000 points thanks to a few stock stocks

At the report on the financial markets of Vietnam in March 9/2019 just released on 07/10, SSI (HM: SSI) Research said that in the fourth quarter, investors continue to receive more information that gives a contrary impact on stock indices.

Securities in the first 9 months of the year 2019 is a multidimensional picture

According to SSI Research, the Securities Market (TTCK) of Vietnam in the first 9 months of 2019 is a multi-dimensional picture in which VN-Index records different advocacy status Quarterly. The indicator increases the positive points in the 1st quarter period, the bracing and mitigating in the 2nd quarter before increasing back to quarter 3. The VN-Index still forms the alternating increasing rhythms, reflecting the investor's pruvirate in the context of the market facing many of the unpredictable boundaries. By the end of Sept., VN-Index is oscillating around 1.000 points psychological threshold.

The policy cuts interest rates of the NHTW and the consensus stock group increased the score as two important critical support for VN-Index in Quarter 3, besides planning to build new stock indices along the process of equitization of home businesses Water being accelerated also contributes to the investor's psychological support.

In the opposite direction, the stock market is still facing no less challenging as the complex performance of the American-Chinese trade tensions continues to sell the net through the execution channel on the HOSE while the ETF capital flows after the early initiation period.

SSI Research Reviews, the net sales scale of the ETF in the 3rd quarter may not be too big but hidden behind that is the signal of changing the global investment strategy towards leaving the risky asset , turning to safe assets in the context of complex trade warfare and declining economic growth prospects. Safe assets such as U.S. bonds, gold, and Japanese yen are all up while the price of basic commodities such as crude oil decreases.

Quarter 4, VN-Index can exceed 1.000 points thanks to a few stock stocks

According to SSI Research, step to Quarter 4, the investor continues to receive more information that gives the contrary impact to the stock indices

In the positive, global financial world will be waiting for the Fed's interest in the 2 meetings turn out in Oct and 12/2019 months. Poor macro figures on PMI of the 9th month of U.S. production can cause the Fed to accelerate the interest rate reduction process to support the economy.

For domestic factors, the 8th session, Congress of the XIV course that takes place between 21/10 and 21/11 will contribute to significant macroscopic changes, notably the ability to pass securities laws (amendments), which provide critical impacts to the TTCK, in the short and long term.

In March 10, the 3/2019 business result of the quarterly listing of large-capitalization businesses will likely be oriented to investors ' cash flow.

However, the last quarter phase market still faces no less risky. Beginning with the unpredictable course of the American-Chinese trade, the expansion of Trump's tariff, the Brexit period is coming near... To the most important factor deciding the trend of the TTCK is economic growth. The indetermination and increased policy risks cause the global financial market to become risky. Vietnamese TTCK also under pressure from the net selling status of the foreign mass lasts from 8 to now, together with the psychological threshold of 1.000 points.

Influenced by the above factors, VN-Index is capable of maintaining the bracing state in the quarter 4/2019. Do not exclude the possibility that the VN-Index can exceed the threshold of 1.000 points thanks to a few pillars stock increases, however, take profit will increase according to the momentum of the indicator, as what is happening during the trading session early 10 months.

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