Guide to visit France from a to z

You can go a lot of places in all 3 countries France, Switzerland and Italy but the following article will suggest you the most suitable travel schedule for 3 countries in about 10 - 12 days.

Travel in Paris: When traveling from Charles de Gaulle airport, you always find your way to the exit of the airport transit train to Terminal 2, take the RER B train to the city center with a ticket price of about € 10 (Should buy directly from the lobby where there are information counters in the airport, but if buying tickets at the train station often have to queue for quite a long time and risk because the ticket machine may not accept your card). You can choose a stop anywhere in the center depending on where you live or want to, this route passes through some stations such as Notre Dame (right next to Notre Dame Cathedral), or Gare de Lyon.
Traveling in the city center will cost € 1.8 for each leg, if you have to go to Metro a lot, you should consider buying a train ticket for 10 trips for around € 14.

What to eat in Paris: It can be said that France as well as European countries in general are quite expensive food so if you travel economically, you will have to eat Sandwich is the cheapest, French bread is delicious and cheap but only about € 3-4 / pcs including sausages purchased in supermarkets. Or if you want to change meals, you can buy items at supermarkets like Pasta and Piazza to bring to the hostel to cook by yourself, which is also a very good way to save money. Drinking water can be used immediately at the tap without having to buy bottled water because the water in developed cities in Europe is very clean.

Places to visit in Paris:
Paris is very large and a lot of attractions, if this is the first time you come here can include such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum. It is important to note that these locations are quite far apart and if walking will be very long and exhausting, so you should mark on the map, plan and schedule a day to visit to enjoy. Get to the maximum monuments and museums here.
Some places to visit you should visit: Louvre Museum, National Museum of Modern Art in Center Pompidou, Museum d'Orsay: € 11 (€ 16 for l'Orangerie Museum combo), L'Orangerie Museum, Sainte Chapelle, Eiffel Tower (to the top), Palace of Versailles (Palace and Grounds), Catacombs of Paris, Arc de Trimophe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Champ Elysse Boulevard, Montmatre Hill

Shopping in Paris:
For those who love shopping, it is impossible not to miss the luxury shopping center in Galleries Lafayette, located north of Paris. However, the price here is very expensive, if you want to buy souvenirs or items you should go to Avenue du Professeur André Lemierre, the price here is much cheaper. Cheap and miscellaneous items are also available at the Marché des Enfants Rouges on the Rue de Bretagne, an old Paris market or the chatelet of the friend, Chatelet, with many traditional French goods.

In addition to the capital of Paris, you should visit the town of Colmar - favored by tourists with the name "Little Venice" in the heart of France. Moreover this is a village located on the border of France and Switzerland so you can go from Colmar to Switzerland quickly. The bus from Paris to Colmar takes about 8 hours, so you go at night to teach the morning in the town of Colmar.

Colmar has houses reflected on the clear blue water, quiet walkways along the railing covered with flowers, giving visitors a strong impression. You can rent bicycles to stroll here. Famous for its peaceful and romantic land, the town of Colmar has become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in France, with the old town with many unique architectural features preserved almost intact. Colmar is quite small, so it only takes 1 day to walk around the main destinations in this city.

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