Guide to visit Switzerland from a to z

According to the experience of self-sufficient travel to Switzerland in 2019, coming to Switzerland you should visit some big cities like Lucerne, Zurich also in the favorable route for this trip.

Zurich city
Vehicles in Zurich: according to the Swiss-French self-sufficient travel experience in 2019, the road transport system here is quite convenient, almost all public transportation such as buses, trams ... are Serving tourist from 5:30 am to midnight. Or you can also rent a bicycle and explore famous and beautiful places to visit in Zurich, which is also a very interesting experience.

Suggest a day trip in Zurich
  • Old Quarter in Zurich: Where visitors can explore buildings built with unique designs, in the style of the Middle Ages combined with modernity.

  • Lake Zurich: Not only is the largest lake in Switzerland but it is also considered a famous tourist attraction in Zurich. If you travel to Lake Zurich in the summer you will take a boat to admire the beautiful natural scenery of the lake. And in winter, the lake freezes, you can experience exciting recreational activities such as skating right on the lake is very interesting.
  • Grossmunster large fiber house: Is one of the three most famous churches in Zurich, designed to build in a Romanesque room.
What to eat in Zurich
If you want to discover Zurich cuisine, do not miss the delicious food, famous specialties in Switzerland such as: Rosti - chips, Bűndnernusstorte - traditional cakes, Saffron risotto - turmeric rice, Zurchergeschnetzeltes - veal Zurich, Berner platte - a mixture of a variety of meats, Älplermagronen - cheese pasta ... Besides, the dishes with bread or products made from fresh milk, milk Sour, especially chocolate is also delicious, attractive food in Zurich.

Visit Lucerne city Transportation in the city of Lucerne
Lucerne is quite small so the transportation in the city is mainly on foot. If you are afraid of walking, you can use the public bus system or within the city. Most routes run to Lucerne central station. Public transport in Lucerne by zone, if it is tourists, the zone will mainly be zone 10. If only one day here you should visit the most popular destinations below.

Famous Chapel civet in Lucerne city
Famous Chapel civet in Lucerne city

Suggest a day trip in Lucerne:
  • Chapel Wooden Bridge: Lucern is about an hour away from Zurich by train, coming out of the train station, everything in front of you will be a dreamy scene of Lake Lucerne. Continue straight to the legendary Chapel bridge, the most famous tourist attraction in Lucerne that must be visited by everyone here. This wooden bridge over the Reuss River was built in the 14th century and is one of the oldest bridges in Europe. Walking along the bridge you will feel the difference of Chapel compared to any previous bridge, everything is made of wood giving a strange warmth. The roof of the bridge is also designed with sophisticated wood, thick and firm. Wasserturm (Water Tower) tower stands in the middle of the bridge, creating an important highlight, inside the bridge there are paintings, stories telling the history, then you will see Lucerne as a giant art exhibition. giant, everywhere in the city.
  • Old Town Lucerne: Entering the Old Town, passing streets, alleys and shops as small as Venice. But Lucerne is much more different than that, the buildings with murals full of art, even the windows make a highlight of that wonderful painting.
  • Lucerne is also known for the Musegg Wall surrounded by a small hill, to get there you need to climb a short staircase. From here the whole city appears before your eyes
Old Town Lucerne
Old Town Lucerne

Things to know when traveling Switzerland:
  • Although the Euro is still accepted in touristy cities like Zurich and Bern, it is best to switch to the Swiss Franc for travel and shopping.
  • In Switzerland, the general hygiene and waste separation are focused, which is why there are up to 8 trash cans in supermarkets and public areas. Therefore, you must throw each type of waste into the right bin to protect the environment, if littering indiscriminately you may be fined.
  • Usually, long-distance public transports do not have a ticket holder, however, they can check at any time, especially on local trains. If you do not present the ticket, it means illegal use of the vehicle and a heavy fine.
 Public transport in Switzerland
 Public transport in Switzerland
  • Experience buying watches in Switzerland: Anyone who plays watches wants to buy Swiss watches - the country that sets a common standard for the watch industry worldwide. Therefore, the watch is the most purchased product when traveling to Switzerland. Swiss watches are considered the standard and measure of quality in watchmaking. For example, famous watch brands such as Swiss made, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Tissot, Omega, Longines. A watch company selected by many travelers is the affordable Swatch watch. Because it is a famous item, visitors can freely choose watches at shops along the streets, supermarkets or shopping centers.

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