Top 8 famous destinations for tourist in Germany

Considered as the heart of Europe, Germany possesses world-renowned historical sites and attractive tourist attractions to attract the hearts of tourists.

Capital Berlin - A place imprinted with world history stamps

In addition to the ancient beauty of Berlin, unique architecture works along with the timelines and experiences many ups and downs of world history such as the Berlin wall, the Branderburger Tor gate, the Holocaust monument, ...

Besides, the museum system stores many valuable objects such as the Island Museum with a collection of impressive relic houses, recreating the ancient world civilization, the Berlin Museum, ... The poetic Spree river, zoos, parks, botanical gardens, Charlottenburg castle, ... are all destinations that attract German tourists.

Munich - Germany's most livable city

As the most sought-after destination for travelers on a European tour, the city of Munich possesses many long-standing historical values ​​such as Our Lady of Marienplatz square, Munich palace, Nymphenburg castle, neighborhoods ancient, Deutsche Museum, ... interspersed with skyscrapers.

Neuschwanstein - Europe's top famous landmark

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in 1800 at the foot of the great Alps, one of the symbols of Germany and Europe. Neuschwanstein is a masterpiece of art and architecture, imprinted with the legend of the Middle Ages, it looks like a fairy castle on the outside, but when you step inside, you will not be surprised by the beautiful beauty. like heaven.

Lake Bodensee - The European Lungs

Bodensee is Germany's largest lake, a masterpiece blessed by nature, captivating visitors' hearts by its beautiful beauty. Located adjacent to the border of two other countries, Switzerland - Austria, Bodensee Lake is like "European lungs", with charming scenery, peaceful and warm towns.

Germany Black Forest - The purest and purest place of nature

In the southwest of Germany, there is a rustic forest named "Black Forest" with many mysteries, arousing the curiosity of European tourists from around the world. In order to admire the most pure and pure beauty, enjoying the fresh air and no dust, there is no other choice than the Black Forest.

Cologne - City is over 2000 years old

If Berlin has a peaceful beauty and ancient colors with museums along the way, Cologne will give visitors a more exciting experience when it is considered a cultural center with many activities. art exhibitions, fairs or art galleries.

Over 2000 years, Cologne is a famous city with many museums such as cultural museums, document museums, chocolate museums, etc. But the most noticeable place is Cologne Cathedral because this is a church. Important giants of Germany.

Hamburg - Port city with pigeons

As Germany's second largest city, along with the port of the same name, Hamburg is the place where the most popular shipping service in Europe. The port city on the coast of the Baltic Sea is probably the ideal stop for your trip to Germany.

Famous attractions here are the City Hall (Hamburger Rathaus) with Baroque architecture made of sandstone built meticulously to every detail, in front of the square is the square Wide decorated with large statues.

Lubeck- Germany's most massive large seaport

Established in the mid-12th century, Lubeck quickly became the largest seaport in Germany. Traces of Lubeck's medieval architectural styles are still preserved and preserved today, which has made this port a German tourist destination to visit every year.

Coming to Lubeck, visitors have the opportunity to walk around the narrow old streets, immerse yourself in the historical stained scenery through works, monuments formed from the 12th century, or visit the house of the once-reached person. Nobel Prize for literature in 1929 - Thomas Mann. Especially the city is famous for the confectionery and wine manufacturing industry, do not forget to enjoy them to enhance the flavor of your trip to Europe.

Rugen Island - A paradise-like island

Rugen is the famous island, the largest in Germany and is like a paradise with ancient beauty, taciturn. The island is connected to the Arkona mainland by the Rugen Bridge and the Rugen Causeway, so please ask the locals to lead the way to the ancient lighthouse.

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