Visit 4 most beautiful towns in Spain

Spain is a wonderful Mediterranean country with berries, orange orchards, passionate flamenco dances and colorful street festivals ... In addition to the vibrant big cities like Barcelona, Valencia or the capital Mardid, Spain also has beautiful small ancient villages. Check out the 5 old towns in Spain below!

Besalú village - ancient town in Spain dating back to the middle ages

The village of Besalú located in Catalonia is an old town in Spain, quite close to the north of Barcelona. After visiting Barcelona, ​​you can spend more time to come here. The ancient, romantic and lovely architecture combines smoothly with the landscape of mountains, forests, rivers and streams around the village like an intoxicating yeast that makes you excited, like the glue that sticks you here. Besalu is a true legend, with yellow-colored limestone over time, the typical color of the walls of the village, carved into a green mountain an ancient and precious and lasting color.

The village of Besalú is located in Catalonia
The village of Besalú is located in Catalonia

It is one of the most beautiful old villages still intact in Spain. With an area of ​​less than 5 km2, located in La Garrotxa district of Catalan region, Besalu is the bridge connecting the two rivers of Fluvia and Capellades.
With the poetic terrain of rivers and mountains, Besalu creates changing landscapes that attract visitors without having to travel too far. For example, about 14 km away, you can go from the vibrant neighborhood to explore the mysterious deep water Banyoles lake. Or go about 25 km to admire the majestic volcanoes in Olot. From there you will walk to visit the volcano park La Garrotxa.

Traditional culture of residents in the old town
Traditional culture of residents in the old town

Large numbers of tourists from around the world come here every year because of the attraction of cultural and historical heritages, as well as traditional festivals. Especially the markets retain the style from the middle ages.

Frigiliana town

Frigiliana is a municipality in the province of Málaga, belonging to the Spanish community of Andalusia. The southern town of Spain will fascinate visitors by owning the most beautiful street on the planet. There the white walls are adorned with beautiful flower pots lined up on both sides of the road, creating a dreamy and peaceful scene.

Small town with cute white-painted houses
Small town with cute white-painted houses

Frigiliana has a pleasant climate all year round, so you can visit it at any time, even in the cold winter. Let your mind relax and walk the pristine white path. There are also restaurants and bars where you can take a break to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Frigiliana. The advice is to choose a restaurant with a terrace to be able to admire the beautiful scenery from above.

Cudillero - Viking village in the land of Flamenco

This beautiful small fishing village has existed for centuries and become a famous sightseeing spot mentioned by many Spanish travel magazines. Cudillero is an ancient town in Spain with narrow narrow streets with beautiful views leading to the Atlantic coast, where visitors can capture many extremely expensive moments with Small camera in hand. There are also a few historic buildings that are considered as Viking cultural heritage and witness the history of the whole region, including the Humilladero church, the fisherman's pub, the lighthouse.

Cudillero fishing village is peaceful with rustic architecture that visitors cannot help but love at first sight
Visiting the fishing village of Cudillero, you will be overwhelmed by the rustic scenery, casual, peaceful but not losing the magnificent appearance, lovely as the space in the fairy.

Ronda town

Along with Sevilla, Grenada and Cordoba, Ronda is known as one of the "tourist quartet" of the Andalucía region. And despite being the fastest growing city of Andalucía, Ronda retains many of its historical features, especially the Old Quarter.

Ronda town of Andalusia
Ronda town of Andalusia

The town of Ronda is divided into two parts: La Ciudad in the southern old town, and the northern part of the town is El Mercadillo. La Ciudad was originally a street population dating back to the time of the Islamic Kingdoms; This is the same area .
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