What are the conditions for applying for a visa to go to France?

Applying for a visa to France is essential if you want to visit this European country. A French visa, or Schengen visa, is a visa that requires certain conditions to apply.

What is the visa to France (or Schengen visa)?

Visa to France is a Schengen visa
Visa to France is a Schengen visa

The EU is referred to as the EU, which is a treaty of all 26 European countries, created to create favorable conditions for travel between countries within the EU. The countries in the European region will use the same type of visa called the Schengen visa, once a Schengen visa has been granted, it will mean the entry of all these countries in the region of the European bloc.
Currently in the Schengen area, it is relatively easier to apply for a visa to enter France than the rest of the European countries, the French visa application does not require much, just meet the requirements of the French LSQ. It is possible that the applicant will be issued a legal visa. Therefore, travel companies often choose to apply for a visa to enter France most of the whole of Europe. Below are the basic documents for an applicant to prepare for a visa to France.

Conditions of application for a visa to France

A French visa is a compulsory condition for Vietnamese citizens to travel to France
A French visa is a compulsory condition for Vietnamese citizens to travel to France

1. Personal profile:
  • Passport valid for more than 06 months from the departure date (Passport must be signed)
  • Photo 2 of 3.5 x 4.5cm size sheets (photos taken with a collar and taken no more than 6 months).
  • Household registration visa (Please copy an entire household registration book from page 1 to page 16).
  • Copy of marriage certificate / divorce / single confirmation
2. Work:
  • Business registration license + latest 3-month tax report
  • Labor contract (copy with a company visa) appointing position
  • Application for leave / Decision to send a business trip
  • Salary certificate.
3. Proof of financial capacity to complete the procedure for applying for a legal visa:
  • Certificate of current balance in English-Vietnamese: as much as possible, minimum VND 200,000,000.
  • Document of property ownership (ownership of houses, land ..)
  • Proof of income: company shareholders, houses for rent ….(if any)
4. Children under 18 years of age:
  • Confirmation of Father or Mother's consent to allow the child to travel (certified by local authorities)
  • Vacation permits for travel (if the period of time is when you're traveling to school)
5. Documents from France:
  • Invitation
  • Copy of French Passport / French visa
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (if relatives)
Note: All documents on the notarized copy must not exceed 06 months. Paperwork must have company carpentry.

How to get a visa to France quickly?
The time for issuing a French visa is usually 7 working days after receiving the full application, but this time may be extended if during the peak periods, or the Consular Office requires the applicant to supplement the profile. (if).
This French visa application procedure is a bit confusing because it is a relatively difficult visa for Vietnamese people, especially for first-time friends and those who have ever applied for a French tourist visa by themselves. So if you need to prepare well to increase the pass rate or choose the French travel visa service of Vietnam Travel for maximum support and easier obtaining a French tourist visa. You can be completely assured when applying for a French tourist visa with us, all details please contact the hotline: 1900 1583
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