Popular dishes should be tasted when visit Spain

Spain is not only famous for its flamenco, football or breathtaking bullfights, but also known for its typical Mediterranean cuisine.


This is a type of food that is often Spanish choice of meals. The crispy fried crust full of the greasy cheese inside may be a little boring for those who eat less of the same but a favorite dish for most Mediterranean people.

Chuletón beef

This dish is an indispensable option for gourmets when coming to Spain. The main ingredients are the best parts from 600 kg cows that are naturally bred in combination with being kept in sheds on farms for 12-24 months. The large piece of beef is grilled to the surface, but the inside is crispy. This dish is best when cooked and served with large grains of salt. Spaniards love to eat salty food and their food is usually high in salt.

The cut beef is still bright red. The brittleness and wetness of the meat depends very much on the chef's ability to control the fire in the oven.

Beef is the most popular dish in Spain and chefs have many ways to prepare this type of food. They just need to reduce the dryness or wetness of the meat, or put the vegetables together with olive oil to be able to create a lot of different variations.


If you come to Spain without trying Paella, it is not like this country. And if you have the opportunity to use this famous mon, the best option and the most true identity is in Valencia. This coastal city has the most suitable type of rice and water to make one of Spain's most famous dishes.

Like Italians who are very picky about setting the standard for Pizza, the Spaniards are also very careful with Pealla pilaf. If only a few ingredients or processes are changed, a Spaniard, especially a Valencia, will not allow you to use the name Paella arbitrarily. Even Paella dishes cooked in Barcelona are not necessarily recognized by the Valencia people as true.


Cocidos stew is also one of the Spanish culinary brands. Each region of this country has its own recipe for Cocidos, but the main ingredient of the dish is fresh and dried vegetables stewed with meat. Cocidos is especially delicious when it is ripe. Diners can use this dish in the pan still suspected of smoking.

Cod and Sangria

As a country located on the Mediterranean coast, Spain also has many famous seafood of which cod is one of them. Cod is usually baked just enough to make the skin of the fish crispy but the meat still soft. Fish is served with sauces, vegetables and a little cream.

Used with the typical dishes mentioned above is a drink equally popular. It is Sangria, a very popular fruit cocktail in Spain. Like Paella, Sangria has many recipes depending on the region, but the main ingredient is always red wine, fruit and sugar. Sangria can be prepared before or at the table.
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