Top 5 cities must to visit in Spain

The land of gaur is also famous for its passionate flamenco, and is also famous for its beautiful scenes that truly fascinate people. Spain is sunny and windy and the scenery is always waiting for the steps of tourists everywhere. When preparing Spain travel plans, do not forget to include the following 10 places on the list of destinations not to be missed!

The bustling capital of Madrid

This is a very exciting place, because there are magnificent palaces, modern neighborhoods, extraordinary architectural features. The glamor mixed with the ancient, the tranquility mixed with bustle, mixed with the music and the romantic flamenco, you will never forget.
Don't forget to visit boulevards, museums, squares and palaces all over the city! You will not be able to stop admiring them. Experience watching the sunset on an attic too is really worth to enjoy.

The vibrant city of Barcelona

Barcelona is located in the north of Spain, is one of the gaur's most popular tourist attractions. You can feel all the beauty of Europe when you come here. From architecture, from the modern, from the services, from culture to people exudes a European essence.

Night in Barcelona is very lively and sparkling, festivals, music nights are often held to attract visitors. In addition to the night experience, you can stroll around La Rambla to see the romantic greenery, or sunbathe at Barceloneta beach. Also visit the Batllo Casa church and the famous Sagrada Familia church throughout Europe.

The ancient city of Cordoba

Cordoba is located in the southern part of the country, a city of many cultures, with a rich history of trade over hundreds of years. The architectural style of this city is very ancient, the houses are under a yellow-brown paint, creating a captivating beauty.

The most prominent place in Cordoba is the Mezquiti mosque with a dome typical of the renaissance of Spain. The church is considered a world wonder about ancient and unique religious culture. Other parts of the city are also smartly planned to create beauty that every footstep visitor can take an impressive picture of.

Valencia - The dream city

The city of Valencia is located facing Valencia Bay, sometimes people think it represents the whole of Spain. The architecture of the houses here is a combination of the modernity of the future, and the subtlety of art.

Come here, go to the ultra-modern theater, science museum, aquarium. The more you will recognize Valencia as a city of science and art. In August, a very unique tomato throwing festival will take place, and is one of the largest food festivals in the world. Remember to bring lots of clothes if traveling at this time because the weather is still quite dry.

City of Seville - Cradle of Spanish culture

Seville is located in southern Spain, bringing together the most unique and most valuable features of Andalucian culture. The buildings here are Roman in style, with a bit of beauty of Islamic architecture, and Gothic art.

Madrid is famous for its flamenco dance, but Seville is where it originated. Besides this is also the place where the famous bullfight and attract the most audience in this country. Tomb of the explorer - who discovered America - Christopher Columbus is here. Giralda Bell Tower - the extremely complex architecture of medieval architecture is also located here. So it is never said when someone perceives that Seville is the most vibrant and attractive city in Spain.
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  1. Madrid and Barcelona are my favorite cities if we talk about Spain, I have tried for my Spain Visa last year but could not get it due to some missing documents as soon as I get it I will be exploring these cities.

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